What is the Difference Facebook Pages Versus Facebook Groups?

Dear L Think Crew:

It’s the 3rd week of January! Where has the time gone? I thought for this post I would focus on the difference between a Facebook Page versus a Facebook Group. Recently, I looked into creating a presence on Facebook for The L Think Crew blog, but could not decide which type of account to setup. Below are my findings.

Facebook Pages
These page are similar to your individual profiles, but allow you to create a more official, public presence for your organization. You follow these pages by becoming a “Fan”, receive updates on your News Feed, and can interact on the Pages’ wall. With a  heavy focus on authenticity, the objective of this page is to have an official representative creating these pages making it easy for users to follow (“Fan”) or unfollow you (“Remove me from fans”). Two great examples are The Hunger Games movie page or The L Think Crew page.

Want to create a Facebook page? Go here.

Facebook Groups
Groups are better if you want to share your interest or communicate with a smaller group of individuals. You can post your comments on the group’s wall, share photos, opinions, and other great stuff. The group can either be open to the public or private (by invitation only). Posts are also placed on the members News Feeds. An example is Social Identities group page.

Want to create a Facebook group? Find out more here.

What do you think about Facebook pages versus groups? Do you have a favorite page or group that can be used as an example by other individuals or organizations looking to leverage Facebook?  Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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