It’s Valentine’s Day Tomorrow!

So, you almost forget about this important event and have not yet bought anything for your loved one. It’s okay because you still have one shopping day left and flowers are always a great buy!

Wait, Flowers?
Yes, a bright and freshly-made flower arrangements creates a memorable experience and evokes a positive emotion in the giver and receiver. Before you head out on your shopping expedition, let’s take a few moments to review what each flower colour means.

Flower Colours
– Red – This colour sends the message that there are romantic intentions in the area. Love, passion, and seduction are also words associated with this flower that is commonly given during Valentine’s Day.
– Orange – Most people think of the sun, warmth, happiness and joy when they look at orange flowers.
– Pink – This colour represents innocence and playfulness. Since this is a lighter shade of red, this colour also showcases the possibility of love and is sometimes associated with femininity.
– Yellow – Some people consider this a sign of friendship, trust, and respect.

– Green – You can think of harmony, nature, positive outlook and good fortune.
– Blue – This colour can be calming and serene; and most people think of being in a contemplative mood.
– Purple – Think of mystery, charm, elegance and creativity when you hold this flower.

– White – This colour also reminds people of purity, honesty, innocence and is used in bridal bouquets.
– Mixed Flowers – You can mix and match flower colours to create your own personalized meaning for the recipient.

Time To Go Shopping!
Enjoy your shopping trip as you explore your local flower shop (or just look it up online!). If you can’t decide on a flower arrangement, just talk to your local florist. Have fun!


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