Why Are Beavers Awesome?

As their official emblem, the U.S. has the bald eagle which represents majestic beauty and strength. Canada has the beaver (castor canadensis). My first reaction to this news is: Really?, Huh!?, and Meh!

But Wait, Beavers Are Awesome!
Beavers are cute, adorable creatures that quietly show up for work every day in the name of ecological conservation. Over the last few years, scientists have begun to understand the full impact of beavers on nature.

They have survived becoming almost extinct due to extensive trapping efforts in the U.S. in the early 1900s. Today, there are 6 to 12 million North American beavers that are busy working professionals. (I wonder if they get any vacation time?)

Beavers have schooled scientists in biochemistry by showing up for work every day. They remove nitrogen from the ponds and wetlands they inhabit. Nitrogen seeps into waterways from farmers using nitrogen fertilizers to increase their crop sizes. Nitrogen reduces oxygen in waterways, thus reducing fish and other water-bond species.

By removing the nitrogen, fish can survive and local waterways can thrive. The behaviour of beavers helps solve a major environmental problem in the 21st century.

Engineers / Hydrologists
Beavers have been busy at work creating dams that slow down water flow that allow local habitats to survive, recharge local waterways, and prevent erosion. By acting as engineers and hydrologists, beavers are having a positive environmental impact by changing how water flows. Well, I’ll be dam(ned)!

Do You Think Beavers Are Cool?
Tell us why in the comment section below.


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