What Are American Girl Dolls So Popular?

American Girl is a U.S. owned toy company based in Scottsdale, AZ that sells 18-inch dolls and corresponding accessories. Founded in 1986, this company started selling via catalogs and now uses a strong in-store and online presence to grow its business with gross sales topping $645 million last year.

The Brand
American Girl has built a strong brand name with parents and children by tying history and stories with dolls to create depth and context. In addition, the brand is respectful of diversity and celebrates all aspects of girlhood. Millennials that grew up with the brand are now parents themselves and have passed this tradition onto their children. Management loves to say that: ‘girls love us and moms trust us.’

Customization and personalization of the 18-inch dolls also play a factor in its popularity with its target demographic – 6 to 12 year old girls. Consumers can purchase a customized doll that looks like them and then choose dresses that fit best with the doll’s personality. The store boasts a hair salon for dolls, bistro, and magazine boutique.

Are You An American Girl Fan?
Tell us in the comment section below why you are an American Girl fan. What is your favourite American Girl doll? Why do you think the brand is so popular?


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