How's the weather, eh?

How’s the weather, eh?

Dear Readers:

Why are Canadians so obsessed with the weather? Do we have a desire to learn more about the polar vortex, or perhaps we simply can’t think of any other ‘small talk’ to fill our time?  I don’t think so!

Canadians have every right to rant and indulge in exchanges about the weather with our large, diverse country and their varying weather patterns. According to The Weather Network, we are the ‘weather weenies’ of the world” with Canadian media running 229% more weather coverage than anywhere else in the world. So, why do we do it?

Extreme weather
While our friends in Florida enjoy nice sunny skies, most of Canada has cold winter temperatures that can vary from 5 to -30C in most mainstream areas. (This only includes normal winter weather and not more ‘extreme’ conditions that we seem to have faced over the last few years).  Then, there’s the components of cold weather – ice, snow, black ice, slush, and more – than can lead to dangerous conditions. This has led to a habit of scanning the news for weather conditions to stay safe!

Conversation starter
The cold weather is a great conversation starter. Do you find yourself talk about this frosty topic (ok, pun intended here!) with your friends over hot coffee? Or perhaps you are comparing your geographic locations and the varying weather with your colleagues over a conference call? It’s a simple way to connect and create connections without trying too hard.

Love to hate cold weather
Canadians seem to be in their element (excuse the pun!) in cold weather.  It is a part of our identity. We can brag about how cold our winter was, or how many days without power we went due to a recent ice storm, over other Canadian regions. To learn more about the sociology behind this, check out this article.

Stay warm and let’s continue our conversation about…the weather!

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What is the Difference Facebook Pages Versus Facebook Groups?

Dear L Think Crew:

It’s the 3rd week of January! Where has the time gone? I thought for this post I would focus on the difference between a Facebook Page versus a Facebook Group. Recently, I looked into creating a presence on Facebook for The L Think Crew blog, but could not decide which type of account to setup. Below are my findings.

Facebook Pages
These page are similar to your individual profiles, but allow you to create a more official, public presence for your organization. You follow these pages by becoming a “Fan”, receive updates on your News Feed, and can interact on the Pages’ wall. With a  heavy focus on authenticity, the objective of this page is to have an official representative creating these pages making it easy for users to follow (“Fan”) or unfollow you (“Remove me from fans”). Two great examples are The Hunger Games movie page or The L Think Crew page.

Want to create a Facebook page? Go here.

Facebook Groups
Groups are better if you want to share your interest or communicate with a smaller group of individuals. You can post your comments on the group’s wall, share photos, opinions, and other great stuff. The group can either be open to the public or private (by invitation only). Posts are also placed on the members News Feeds. An example is Social Identities group page.

Want to create a Facebook group? Find out more here.

What do you think about Facebook pages versus groups? Do you have a favorite page or group that can be used as an example by other individuals or organizations looking to leverage Facebook?  Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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Benefits & How To Create A Free WordPress Blog

Dear Readers:

Happy New Year
This is the first official blog post for The L Think Crew!  I am excited to be online today and sharing some great information on how to create your own free WordPress blog.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about digital marketing and communications and have been curious about learning and sharing more about this space with a wider audience.  So, here we are today!

Benefits of WordPress
WordPress is a great content management system that allows for more flexibility and control over other systems, including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): You can leverage built-in SEO techniques and add extensions and plug-ins. This will ultimately help with keyword ranking in search engines and help drive traffic to your website.
  • Ease to use: You don’t need to rely on a creative team of graphic designers and programmers to setup and program your blog. You can use the in-build tutorials to setup posts, plugins and pick a design theme.
  • Plug-ins: You can customize your WordPress site with plugins that tie into social sharing (Twitter, Facebook), track metrics for analytics, or even sell products. Learn more about the best SEO plugins here.

How To Create Your Free WordPress Blog
Now that we’ve convinced you of the benefits of WordPress, here is a quick guide to setting up your free WordPress blog:

  • Go to
  • Click on ‘Create Website’
  • Fill in your profile information: profile name, password, and website URL option
  • When selecting your website URL, think of a name that has meaning to you, represents your product or service, and is meaning to potential customers / users. Brainstorm several options on paper and see the alternatives that WordPress lists
  • View the various blog options. For the free blog, click on the ‘Create Blog’ option
  • You will then move onto another screen where you will be asked to select your WordPress theme. There are thousands of free themes to choose from. It’s easier to browse and select one that suits your needs. You can always change your mind after this has been setup.

Now you are ready to begin creating your content under the WordPress blog posts options. You can customize your profile, dashboard, and content. I highly recommend looking at the WP Beginner Blog with articles and tip to get you started.

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